Welcome to Multipure's Independent Builder Web Page


There are three main reasons that I became a MP Builder.

First, and foremost, I know the importance of water to my body - my body is 2/3 water. Over ten years ago I had lost 70 pounds and have maintained that loss - water played an important role. Common sense told me not to put water in my body that was unhealthy. My first thought was 'bottled water' but I soon discovered that 'bottled water' in most cases has to only meet the tap water standards. I wanted to be in control of what I put in my body.

I discovered that the Multipure Drinking Water System was certified by NSF to the highest standards of any system on the market. I also discovered that its maintenance was simple and would only cost me 8 cents per gallon.

I feel as safe as one can with my Multipure, especially considering ALL of the health threatening contaminants it removes.

Second: I wanted to help my family, friends and co-workers to have the peace of mind that I had. I know that they are ALL living a healthier lifestyle because, as Multipure puts it, better health begins with better water.

Thirdly: I saw that the Multipure Opportunity gave me the potential not only to help others have a healthier lifestyle, but a wealthier lifestyle. While helping others I could earn extra income and develop an ongoing income from
replacement filters. My motive is to help others, the money takes care of itself. The more people I help, the more I see my Multipure income increase. It works, and I feel good about helping others.

Check out the link above and if I can be of any assistance feel free to email me and either myself our my husband will contact you